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TuffCrete MAB is an acrylic based polymer for structural repairs of concrete/ mortar and waterproofing system. Gives complete adhesion with old to new structures of concrete & mortar.


Structures of Concrete
Structures of Concrete

Gives complete adhesion

with old to new structures of concrete & mortar
RCC Structure

Gives additional strength to

damaged R.C.C. structure
Flexural Tensilestrength

Flexural and Tensile strength

increased with anti corrosion property

How To Apply

Dust Oil Grease Free 1

Make sure the surface is dust, oil and grease free

Bond Coat Modified Mortar 2

Club ‘Bond coat’ & ‘Modified Mortar’

Bond Coat: Take 1 part CONCRETE BOND by wt, & 1part cement. Mix it in one vessel & apply by brush on cleaned pre wetted surface. Allow it to dry for 1-2 hrs.

Modified Mortar: Take 50kg Cement bag, 125kg medium sand, 7.5kg CONCRETE BOND & water 8 to 10 liter as required. Apply this material over tacky bond coat.

Waterproofing Slurry 3

Waterproofing slurry

NOTE :- After 24 hours of final coat, Sprinkle water or cover wet cloth for next 3 days. Continuous wet curing or podding is not required.


TuffCrete SBR- Latex Base Waterproofing

When 1 Kg of Tuffcrete

is used, It covers upto 10 to 15 sq ft of the surface.

Available In

Elastomeric Solar Heat Reflective Paint

Available Size Of Products -

1 Kg,5 Kg,10 kg,20 kg,50 kg