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Tuff and Shine is transparent Polyurethane (PU) base clear protective top coat for any exterior surface or wall. It increases the life span of any final decorative paint atleast for five years. It is a two part mixer consisting of Resin (Part A) and hardener (Part B). Mixture has to be prepared in 5:1 proportion and has to be applied within 1 hour of it’s preparations.


Single Coat Application for Painted Surface
Single Coat Application

It is a single coat application for

a finished painted surface
Glossy Nature
Glossy Surface

Glossy in nature by 60% to 70%

White Clear Top Coat

Water White clear top coat


Scratch Resistant

Pencil hard scratch resistant

UV IR Resistant

Reduce inner room temperature

Due to UV and IR resistance & also makes it waterproof
Abrasion Resistant

Abrasion resistant

Increases the Life
Increases the Life

Increases the life of top coat for at least 5 years


Protective Coat

Top coat to ‘Insultec’ as protective coat

Painted Walls

For completely painted walls

How To Apply

Oil Grease Free 1

Clean the surface thoroughly & make it free from dust, oil and grease free. Wash the surface with water. Apply the first coat of Tuff & Shine by brush or spray. That’s it, your surface is now scratch proof and dust resistant with 60% to 70% gloss.


Single Coat

It covers 80 to 90 Sq Ft. In a single coat when 1 Litre of Tuff & Shine is used

Available In

Available Sizes
Available Size of Products

Available Size Of Products -

1 Litre, 6 Litre and 48 Litre