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Anti Hydro R is a unique formulation as water reducing agent. It is to be added while making cement concrete mixture to increase workability, strength, & durability. It is a combination of waterproof cum water retarder when added, reduces water requirement. It provides internal curing & produces much denser concrete resulting highly impermeable concrete and reduces air voids and makes slab stronger.


Anti Hydro R-Water Reducing Agent For Concrete
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Ease Handling & Transportation

of concrete while improving workability, particularly in hot weather condition due to its slower rate of settling properties
Anti Hydro R-Water Reducing Agent For Concrete
SealerCoat -Acrylic Base Waterproofing

Enhances life of

R.C.C. structure & mortar by reducing water permeability


400% Flexible Elastomer PU WE coat for waterproofing
Solar Heat Insulation product

Decreases slump time of final strengthImproves workability & properties without increasing water ratio

Solvent Base Water Repellent
Tuff And Shine -PU Base External Clear coat

Cost effective as it increases ultimate strength without addition of cement content

How To Apply

External Insulation Finishing System 1

1. We recommend to add 250 grams to 350 grams of Anti Hydro R chemical per 50 Kg of cement bag to get the best results.

2. It should be pre - mixed with gouging water or added into the mixer with water.

3. For best result, mix the concrete for into a mechanical mixer at least 3 to 5 minutes for homogenous mixture.

Available In

Solvent Base Clear Protective Coating
Elastomeric Solar Heat Reflective Paint

Available Size Of Products -

250 grams, 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 20 Kg, 50 Kg, 100 Kg