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It is a cement plasticizer. It is a combination of organic and inorganic components that reacts with portland cement to produce complete hydration.

The increased hydration not only provides internal curing but also increases ultimate strength of concrete thus produces highly durable impermeable concrete or mortar.


Solar Heat Reflective Paint
Solar Heat Insulation Paint

Increase density & strength of

the cement mixture by reducing water to cement ratio
Solar Heat Reradiating Paint
UV & IR Rays Reflective Paint

Can be used in readymix mortar

as well as wall plaster


Surface Protective Acrylic Base Paint
SBR Base Waterproofing

Helps reduce

salt precipitation, efflorescence & fungal growth
Wall Waterproofing Acrylic Polymer Base Coat
Solvent Base Clear Protective Coating

Protects cement

surface from vapours of acid & alkali
Elastomeric Solar Heat Reflective Paint
All Kind Of Construction chemicals

Gives ultimate strength

to cement
Tuff Coat Solvent Base Waterproofing
SealerCoat Acrylic Base Waterproofing

Reduces air gaps,

so plaster becomes air tight & non porous
Diamond shield Cement Base Waterproofing
TuffCrete SBR It is also used as

anti rust chemical for steel structure

How To Apply

400% Flexible Elastomer PU WE coat for waterproofing 1

For Mortar & Plaster : Hydro Seal W+ must be diluted with gauging water in the proportion of 1:15. Add this mixture to desired cement and sand dry mix. Necessary additional quantity of water should be added to get desired consistency. Recommended dosage a) 200 grams Hydro Seal W+ for 50 Kg cement bag.

Solar Heat Insulation product 2

For RMC & Plaster : Hydro Seal W+ must be diluted with gauging water. Then to be added in the wet mix during the process of mixing concrete. Recommended dosage a) 300 to 350 grams for 50 Kg cement bag.

Available In

RepairBonding Agent
TuffCrete SBR- Latex Base Waterproofing

Available Size Of Products -

200 grams, 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 20 Kg