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It is a combination of Resin, hardner, and silica powder. It gives ultimate strength and water proofing to the tile joint.


Tile Grout powder
Tile Adhesive-Tile care

It is crack free and

highly durable
Wall Crack Filler
Solar Heat Reflective Paint

Easy to

maintain and clean


Solar Heat Insulation Paint
SBR Base Waterproofing

Provides waterproofing and

stain free with no extra cost
Terrace or Roof Waterproofing Coat or Paint
External And Internal Wall Primer

No curing is required after fixing of tiles

Resistant to acid, chemicals, algae, and fungus free


Acrylic Base Clear Protective Coat
PU Base Clear Protective Coat

Can be used in Toilets, swimming pools, malls, hospitals etc

How To Apply

Acrylic Base repair Bonding Agent 1

Mix part 1, part 2 and powder all together in a clean dry vessel and stir well properly.

It should not be in lump form consistency. It should be such that you can fill the joint very smoothly and easily.

Make sure that joints are fully filled. Clear the extra grout from joints and surface within 15 to 20 minutes


Solar Heat Insulation product Depending upon the size of the spacer

Available In

RepairBonding Agent
TuffCrete SBR- Latex Base Waterproofing

Available Size Of Products -

1 Kg, 5 Kg