Super Diamond Shield ( Grey )

Super Diamond Shield ( Grey )

Advantages of Diamond Shield:
  • Cost effective &ready to use two components.
  • Can be used for protection of steel structure from chlorination and oxidation.
  • Simple application by brush, Mason apparatus or plastering applicators.
  • Environment friendly.
  • It can be applied on Roofs, Walls, Terraces, Parapet Walls, sloping roof & side walls of buildings with 3 to 5 mm thick layer coating for waterproofing
  • It gives excellent results when applied in the sunk portion of the bathrooms, toilets and swimming pools
  • Can be applied as an under layer for terrace tiles work, and also as a filler to tile joints
  • For Coating structured steel of beams and columns

An ultimate solution to all water leakages in the masonry work. A two component ready touse Diamond shield is the most effective long term solution for Roofs, Walls, Storage tanks, Water Canals and Bridges, to protect them from chlorination and oxidation.

It comes in 50 kg packing.

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